TRANSLATE BETWEEN diverse audiences

I serve as a translator between technical and non-technical audiences—a useful skill for the Sloan community since nearly half of incoming students have technical backgrounds. [2] As a corporate citizenship strategist at an aerospace company, I’ve worked with over 100 engineers across 7 company sites to develop innovative science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) design challenges for K-12 students as part of our company’s Centennial Celebrations. 


I utilize data to drive corporate citizenship strategies that align business objectives with community engagement. Recently, I analyzed data on the transition of U.S. military and veterans into civilian careers. I then successfully pitched a pilot collaboration between my company and Sword & Plough, a veteran- and minority-owned social enterprise that employs veterans to upcycle military surplus fabric into stylish, durable bags and accessories. 


I’m what Author and Professor Adam Grant calls a “Giver,” someone who makes “microloans of knowledge, skills, and connections to other people.” [3] In early 2015, I launched “The Give”, a monthly list of social impact jobs and opportunities for changemakers. Since then, the subscriber base has grown to over 600 early- and mid-career professionals interested in applying their skills in socially responsible companies, nonprofits, and social enterprises. I'm also collaborating with a leading talent management and recruiting agency to cross-promote content among their pool of 40,000+ purpose-driven professionals.