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Thanks so much for taking time to send such thoughtful feedback! The good news is that we have all of these features on our future development list, except for the photo book. Great idea!
— Hatch Baby Product Manager

hatch baby

Summary: As part of an MBA course on data analytics, I led a team in the cleaning, analysis, and visualization of a large dataset of over 90,000 data points from Hatch Baby, a leading health data app for babies that tracks feeding, sleeping, and diapering. First, I developed key questions that our team wanted to answer from our analysis. Then, I coordinated the cleansing of the data, which required both manual and software-enabled (Trifacta) wrangling. Lastly, I managed the report writing of our key finding and recommendations, and pitched new feature ideas to product managers at Hatch Baby.

Role: Project Lead

Results: Identified significant shifts in the feeding, sleeping, and diapering behaviors over the first year of a baby’s life that may have significant implications for the Hatch Baby app and the company’s related products, which include an IoT-enabled “smart” baby changing table. For instance, one potential strategy is to offer personalized recommendations based on the data inputted; “Baby has slept X% more this week than last week—he might be in a growth spurt! Weigh Baby using the Hatch Baby smart changing table to find out!”

Another strategy is for Hatch Baby to partner with a digital scrapbook maker such as Chatbooks to enable users to easily and quickly create custom scrapbooks from the "baby photo of the day" feature—a perfect gift for grandparents or other loved ones.

Skills: Product Management, Data Cleansing, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, SQL, Trifacta, Tableau